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Red Button pushes the boundaries of unscripted storytelling. In this bold and innovative series, documentary subjects become the filmmakers.

In the first series of RED BUTTON stories, homeless youth in Toronto used camera phones to film their lives. Participants were given audio/video gear and offered a workshop to learn the basics of filmmaking, as well as one-on-one guidance from professional filmmakers.

They captured their world from the inside and their footage was cut into episodes that offer intimate perspectives on homelessness. It’s a revolutionary approach to documentary filmmaking that allows us to experience hidden communities and cultures with extraordinary immediacy and authenticity.



Production Details

Genre Docuseries

Broadcaster CBC

Website http://www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/shorts/red-button-homeless-youth


“A side of life you don’t not usually get to see,  from voices you don’t normally get to hear from.” – CBC News